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Music with depth and hope

Music on my mind

My name is Kristian Marcussen. I release music through Medicine Melodies. The music was created based on my own experiences with mental illness.

Listening to music or singing/playing music can help raise our mental health level, and thus also be part of a process of recovering from mental illness. Both while we have psychological pain, anxiety or the like, music can be used, and to care for our soul in moments when we already feel good.

Music can be an excellent supplement, alternative or even substitute for medication. Studies have already been done in reducing the amount of medication for anxiety, sleep difficulties and pain with the help of music.

It is individual which music has a healing effect on us. My music is personal and conveys what is in my heart.

Music for healing and self-development

My music is characterized by the longing for and the dream of being free. Free from disease and pain, but also free to be creative and live in a utopian world with love, vitality and meaning.

My music has depth and a melancholy, yet remains light and light. Although I often describe difficult periods in my life, there is hope in my music.

Piano with art by Mette Munch on the music stand

Music and mental halth
Art on the music stand by Mette Munch