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Medicine Melodies


Music based on own experiences with mental health

In 1998 I suddenly had psychosis. I lived in a imaginary world and could not distinguish between imagination and reality. I was treated with antipsychotic medication and had to live with the disabling side effects it had.

From then on, I started composing music to heal myself. I set out to describe musically what experiences I had had and what feelings it gave me. My debut album, Alfa Omega, was released in 2004 and later I founded Medicine Melodies to release my music for the world to enjoy.

Experiences put into action to help

As I wanted to let my own experiences be of benefit to others, in 2015 I completed an education as a peer, who precisely puts his experiences into action to help others.

Now I give lectures on mental health, where I play a selection of my own compositions, and talk about what significance music has had in my life.

Kristian Marcussen's hands on keyboard with a pink rose in the foreground

“Let the music flourish” (Photo: Mette Munch)