Melodious music

Medicine Melodies produces music created from an artistic expression to promote mental health. It is based on my own process of using music I’ve composed in relation to my own mental health. Which music has a healing effect for us is individual. My compositions are personal and convey what is on my mind. It is my wish to share my experiences in the hope that you can have benefit from them, too.

The art of mirroring the mind and breaking frames

Visual artist Mette Munch finds inspiration for her expressive art in part from her interest in the human psyche and emotional states. Through her highly personal artistic expression, Mette often portrays inner experiences, and she is always experimental and frontier-seeking.

Tones of Love
Tones of Love by Mette Munch Acrylic on canvas Sold

The significance of music in my life

Back in time, on my debut album, Alfa Omega (2004), I sought an artistic expression. I was challenged by mental illness but fought my way forward in my work as a pianist. It was as though my hands were anesthetized by the medication. I defied the resistance and proudly presented my debut album, together with Morten Lundsby (acoustic bass) and Martin Roy Wade (drums). However, I was not cured. The disease had left its mark. That was when music began to take on another dimension for me, as something I could use actively in relation to my mental health.