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Jazz has the heart, but it is always the classical that is the base

Inspiration from classical music

My jazz music is inspired by classical music. There is a Nordic folk tone to be traced in my jazz compositions, which I like to perform with a mainstream swing.

I played a lot of classical music in my youth, when I studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. I strive for the tonal ideals of classical music when I compose and play the piano.

A dimension of depth and originality

My first jazz release was Alfa Omega from 2004. Here I switch between improvisational sections and composed passages, arranged for jazz trio.

“Kristian has great spiritual and musical talent, and through a deeper understanding of the darker sides in himself, has added a dimension of depth and originality to his music.” – Carsten Dahl in liner notes to Alfa Omega

The album is played by the Kristian Marcussen Trio, who have since released the album My Soul Is Filled with Peace.

Meditative jazz

I started composing music with a healing purpose. That was the start of Medicine Melodies.

Today I play my own compositions in a mix of jazz and meditation music, preferably accompanied by Bjarne Christensen on electric bass.

Maribo Jazz poster 2017

Maribo Jazz poster 2017 (Artist: Mette Munch)